1. Refer a client and make MONEY

If you have a client, friend, relative or colleague who is looking for a property, simply send us the referral. And we’ll be in touch. Be sure to let them know we’ll be calling.

2. Your CASH, our client

When your referred client, friend or relative ends up buying a property through Grupo Soltura, you will be entitled to 1.000 Euro. Your friend will be happy, you will be happy and us too. It is CASH in your hands once the sale is completed at the notary. 

3. CASH for properties too !

We need more properties to list and sell. Therefore we even pay 1.000 Euro if you refer someone who is looking to sell his / her property. If we sell the property direct (not through another agent) you will receive 1.000 E too. You will get paid in CASH when the sale is completed at the notary. We won’t forget you and we are thankful.

Refer a friend

Leave your own details below and the contact details of your REFERRAL friend/contact in the message box