Registration as a Real Estate Agent in the Valencian Community

The happy hour for estate agents in the Valencian Community is over. Registration as a real estate agent in the Valencian Community has been compulsory.

From the 16th of October 2022, all estate agents who want to sell properties in the provinces of Alicante, Valencia or Castellon must apply for registration as real estate agents of the Valencian Community according tot he royal decree 98/2022, of the 29th of July.

Registration is compulsory; from that date onwards, estate agents will have 12 months to prove that they meet the requirements.

  1. Location requirement – Must have an establishment open to public, online agents must have a physical address

  2. Professional qualification requirement  – Must have a university degree or official title of Real Estate Agent (API) or Holders of certificates of attendance and completion of academic training courses of at least 200 teaching hours

  3. Solvency requirements – To protect money clients have paid the agent must have an insurance that covers a minimum amount of  60,000 euros per establishment open to the public and per year of coverage AND have professional civil liability insurance

Grupo Soltura SL is registered in the Valencian Register for Real Estate Agents under number RAICV 0202
(in Formentera del Segura under the name Mr Rick van Hoeven)

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