Selling property in Spain – step by step

Thinking about selling your property? In addition to having a register of prospective purchasers packed with Northern Europeans who yearn for a place in the sun, we are also fully familiar with all aspects of the sale process.

In our sales guide, you will find all kinds of information to help you through every step of the process. The guide covers everything from your first meeting with us, through viewings and your responsibility as the seller to signing the final contract.


How much can I get for my property?

This is naturally the first and most important question for you as the seller. We take care of this through cost-free sales advice by phone and/or e-mail, which we then follow up by visiting your property to take photographs and prepare the necessary documentation.

If you are not present yourself, we have a “long distance solution” for dealing with this. Once we have built up an image of your property and compared it with other properties on the market, we can present you with a market-related valuation. Naturally, all this is at no cost to you.


Start the sale!

Once the documentation and photographs are ready, it is time to start the sale. This involves our advertising your property on our own website and on a number of property portals in Northern Europe.

To ensure that we quickly reach the right customers, we also send information about your property to all potential purchasers who are interested in properties in your area. After this, we switch to individual marketing, usually by phone. Of course, we also place a "For Sale" sign in a prominent position on your property to attract passers-by.


Am I committing myself to anything?

Before we start marketing your property, we prepare an agreement that lays down the terms for the sales assignment.

This is normally non-exclusive, which means that you can still sell through other agents – although you undertake to pay commission to us if you sell your property to any of the customers for whom we arranged a viewing. The agreement usually runs for six months, with an option to extend



A successful viewing is all about being well prepared. We find out as much as possible about your property before the viewing so we can provide prospective purchasers with all the information they need.

A successful viewing also has to do with commitment and attentiveness. That is why all viewings are individual. This ensures that our customers only view the properties in which they are genuinely interested. They also have the chance – without any pressure – to familiarise themselves with the surrounding area and to ask the agent about everything from sea views to taxes.

The first impression plays an important role, so it is naturally important to show customers your property from its best side. For additional information, read the section below or ask your agent about tips and ideas for how you can best prepare your property for a viewing


What does the sale process involve?

When you and the buyer reach agreement, a purchase contract is prepared stating the price, take-over date, and so on. In connection with this, the buyer makes a down payment to confirm his/her intention to complete the deal.

The next step is to meet up at the office of the Public Notary, who prepares the public deed of purchase (Escritura Pública de Compraventa), confirms the identities of the parties, and checks the legal status of the property. We naturally take care of all the preparations before this meeting, and accompany you to the meeting with the Public Notary.


What am I responsible for?

The buyer is responsible for examining the property carefully before he/she signs the purchase contract.

Generally speaking, properties are sold “as viewed” with regard to their age, price and use. However, as the seller you are responsible for leaving the property in the condition (legal and physical) and with the installations and licences stated in the purchase agreement.



Congratulations on a successful sale! Naturally, there are still a number of practical issues to deal with after the take-over, but we at Grupo Soltura or your lawyer can help you to finish up the process by dealing with the change of name on utility agreements, declarations, tax payments and so on.

If you have any questions or queries after your property purchase, you are naturally welcome to contact us.

For additional information and tips about selling properties in Spain, you are most welcome to contact any of our offices.


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