Buying property in Spain – step by step

There are many steps to take between the initial idea of buying a new property to finding your dream home. Our buyers’ guide leads you through the entire process – from the search itself to closing the deal.

Step by step, we explain what you should bear in mind when viewing properties, how to make an offer, what your responsibilities are as a buyer, and much, much more. Good luck


What are you looking for in Spain?

The first step towards a new second home is finding a property that matches your individual requirements and wishes.

At gruposoltura.com you can search among all our current properties. A good piece of advice is setting up our property alert service, which will keep you updated on properties that match your criteria.


Come for a visit

Have you found a house or an apartment you would like to take a closer look at? Then let us at Grupo Soltura help you. We can help you to plan your visit to Spain.

A viewing trip usually lasts 2–3 days. We spend the first day or so looking at the houses or apartments you are interested in. At the same time, we make sure to check out the areas where the properties are situated. How far is it to the beach? The town centre? The golf course? The nearest tapas bar?

The last day is reserved for reviewing all your impressions – or for looking at other houses or apartments. There is no pressure or stress! We listen to what you need and work with you to find what you are looking for in Spain.


How much can I borrow?

It is a good idea to clarify your financing situation before taking a viewing trip to Spain. This will help you establish how much you can borrow on the basis of your current situation.

It is not possible to use a property in Spain as security for a mortgage in your home country; therefore, financing needs to be arranged locally. Through our collaboration with virtually all spanish banks, we will assist you with this. A mortgage for 60% to 80% of the property's market value is usually granted, and the mortgage is set up in euros.


Offers – first come, first served …

The prices of all our houses and apartments are the estimated market value and the price that has been accepted by the seller.

Bidding up is uncommon in Spain. Instead, the seller usually closes the deal with the buyer who is prepared to pay the stated price or the nearest offer.

At Grupo Soltura, we document and report all offers received.


What are you responsible for?

What happens if you discover faults or defects in your new house or apartment? Things that you were not aware of when you made the purchase?

Many people often take it for granted that the seller is responsible for covering the associated costs. This is true in some – but far from all – cases. As the buyer, you are responsible for examining the property carefully before you sign the purchase contract. And it is important that you report anything that may indicate a fault or defect. Generally speaking, houses and apartments are sold “as viewed” with regard to their age, price and use. Talk to your agent for more information about your responsibilities.


What does the purchasing process involve?

When you and the seller reach agreement, a purchase contract is prepared stating the price, take-over date, and so on. In connection with this, you make a down payment to confirm your intention to complete the deal. Don’t forget that as the buyer, you must have arranged financing.

The next step is the actual take-over. Before the date in question, you must have applied for a Spanish tax identification number (NIE) so that your property can be recorded in the title register.

On the take-over date, we meet at the office of the Public Notary, who prepares the public deed of purchase (Escritura Pública de Compraventa), confirms the identities of the parties, and checks the legal status of the house or apartment. We naturally take care of all the preparations before this meeting, and accompany you to the meeting with the Public Notary.


Congratulations! You now own the property of your dreams in Spain! It’s time to kick back and relax!

There are still a few practical details to sort out after the take-over – but our start up service provides assistance in this area. So simply make the very most of the warm, sunny weather while we at Grupo Soltura finish up the purchase process – the registrations, tax payments and utility agreements – for you.

If you have any questions or queries after your property purchase, you are naturally welcome to contact us.

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